Scope of Work - Basic Assumptions

In submitting this application for provision of Air Ticketing Services .We have made certain basic assumptions which we wish to summarize right at the outset in order to minimize any misunderstandings and avoid ambiguities regarding the task we would be required to undertake, should we be prequalified. The assumptions are;

1. Services to be provided from our own location. We have made the assumption that all travel services would be undertaken from our own office location (s) and that all the necessary equipment and personnel to execute the contract will be provided by us and responsibilities allocated at our discretion depending on the volume of work;

2. All facilities for travel assignments will be provided by us. We have assumed that all facilities required for travel and ticketing assignments including equipment; computer workstations, printers etc, will be provided by us at our own location and not on site in any of your offices;

3. Accessibility to key staff, if required We have assumed that should we need access to any of your key at certain points of the engagement, that this would be available within the dictates of acceptable business engagement

4. Independence in decision making We assumed that we will be granted adequate independence to make decisions of what is best for the traveler, after the normally acceptable business consultation. In this way our business consultants will take full responsibility for the outcome of their decisions, either way With the above understanding we wish to confirm that the following key supply and delivery system will be made on a shared basis to enable us perform the tasks that are further outlined below in the scope of work.

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Royal-Dax Tour and Travel Limited Company provides preeminent corporate, vacation, and student tour travel and related services to customers throughout Kenya and abroad who expect efficient, knowledgeable and problem-free travel arrangements at a competitive cost and at the same time respects the environment and the local culture.

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